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23 Websites to Find Maritime Jobs Online

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The shipping industry, as a career is a peculiar one, absolutely different from the conventional ones. The number of opportunities provided by the industry is massive. However, the best part is that if you are a maritime professional and seeking a new job, then you never know which country your next job will take you to.


Moreover, if you are a seafarer working on a ship or an oil rig, you would continuously prowl, looking for better companies, salary, and working conditions. Well, those might also be the reasons to look for a new job in every field, for a mariner they contribute a little “extra” towards deciding a new opportunity. (Ask a mariner and you would know why)

Online job search has reached its all new high with several quality websites and social networking hubs that has come up in the recent years. If you are mariner and looking for a new job then you have come to the right place. Check out our top 23 maritime jobs websites, which might help you to scale new heights in your career.

Happy job hunting!

1).  Maritime Connector – One of the most famous websites to hunt for a maritime job.  Lists jobs on a variety of sectors of the shipping industry.

2)   Ship Talk jobs – The website, though not mainly a maritime job search website has a job list that is updated regularly.

3)   G Captain Jobboard – Offers both, maritime and offshore jobs. Worth checking out the number of opportunities listed herein.

4)   Find a mariner – As the name suggests, the website mainly deals with jobs related to mariners. The website also has a strong presence on social networking sites.

5)   Vacanseas – A website with a unique name and an easy to use search feature. Definitely worth registering.

6)   Job Ships – Provides job opportunities mainly from the Asian subcontinent. Has a variety of companies listed with jobs updated regularly.

7)   Maritime Jobs 4 You – A dedicated Maritime Industry job portal which even features dredging, towing, offshore, and shore based jobs.

8)    Vcrew – One of the active maritime job portals online; provides jobs listing for a variety of shipping ranks and fields.

9)    Seafarer Jobs – A maritime job website mainly for the Asian Seafarers.

10) Sea job – Yet another website that features maritime jobs focused on Asian subcontinent.

11)  Get Marine Engineering Jobs – As the name suggests, it mainly concentrates on marine engineering and technical jobs related to the maritime world

12)  marine-jobs- Lists maritime jobs from areas in and around U.K. Offers an extensive job listing categories.

13)  Jobs at Sea - Provides global maritime job listing on engine, deck, hospitality, and technical areas.

14)  Job on Yachts - An active maritime job portal dedicated for the yachting industry. Has regular updates.

15)  Offshore Jobs Online – Lists both offshore and shipping jobs. One of the most active websites online for maritime jobs.

16)  Water Crew – Provides maritime job listing over a variety of ranks and fields.

17)  Cruise Careers – Lists cruise ship jobs from the Asian countries. Not many jobs listed, but worth giving it a try.

18)  Seaman Website – Lists maritime jobs from around the world. However, needs to be more active with regular updates. Have a look.

19)  Marine Jobs – Provides both shipping and offshore jobs. Not a very active website, but worth trying.

20)  Maritime Career – Offers job listing options for a variety of maritime fields. However, not a very active website.

21)  Sea Job Hunt – A fairly new jobsite that is gradually picking up.

22) Job 2 Sea -  One of the fastest growing maritime jobs website online, Job 2 Sea offers job listing on a number of categories, along with latest jobs which are updated on a regular basis.

23) Maritime Employment - Provides job listing of offshore, seagoing, and shore-side jobs. The portal is not dedicated to a specific region, but features jobs from around the world. The salient feature of the portal is that it’s free for both employers and job seekers.

If you know any other active maritime portal, do let us know and we will get it listed here.


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