Monday, December 20, 2010

Staff Engineer

Job Description:

He is in all aspects, the representative of the Chief Engineer.

He must be qualified and ready to relieve the Chief Engineer at any time, if necessary.

He is the "Senior" officer responsible to the Chief Engineer for the efficiency and maintenance of all ship’s machinery, systems and equipment.

He will assist the Safety Officer with particular regard to safety standards in the engine rooms.

He ensures that spares and consumables inventories are updated.

He co-operate with the Chief Engineer for planning of maintenance and repair works within and outside the engine room.

He is responsible for prevention of accidents and the safety of the machinery department personnel. To this end he closely follows the instructions and the company’s procedures; for this he is appointed as responsible for Accident Prevention within the machinery department. He is the Officer responsible for the management of work permits within the engine room while work permits necessary for work to be carried out outside the engine room under the responsibility of the External Engineer (Hotel Engineer).

He collaborates with the Safety Officer for maintenance of the efficiency of all the safety systems (rescue, fire-fighting etc.) and of all the safety equipment within the engine room.

He arranges in conjunction with the Safety Officer the general and partial emergency drills, in particular those referred to fire fighting.

He puts into effect the instructions of the Chief Engineer, he trains and directs the machinery department personnel, Officers included, and looks after his department’s archive and keeps it updated.

He prepares monthly reports to be handed to the Chief Engineer.

He prepares handover reports at disembarkation.



Certificate of Competency: IMO III/2 (First officer or more – no limitation for other than ro-ro vessels)

Basic safety training + PSCRB + Crowd and crisis courses (V.3 par. 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8)

Age: 35 – 55

Previous Experience: on cruise vessels as a  chief engineer or as a staff engineer

Good leadership, senior experience on vessels.

Rotation:  4 months on / 2 months off

Good benefits on board.

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