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Cruise Casinos -- Cruiseship Casino Jobs

As cruise ships proliferate, the major cruise lines are constantly looking for qualified staff to fill a variety of positions in their shipboard casinos. More than 3,000 dealers and assorted personnel are now employed in these floating casinos, and while a friendly, outgoing personality is a clearly stated job requirement for cruise ship dealers, many seem genuinely happer in their work than a number of dealers we have come across in land-based casinos.

The major fringe benefit of the job is the obvious: the chance to visit a variety of Celebrity Cruises Casinoexotic destinations that cruise passengers pay thousands of dollars to see. And when ships are in port (where the ship's casino is almost always closed), most of the casino workers generally are free to go ashore and sightsee, snorkle, sunbathe (or even visit the local casinos as a player).

Another major attraction is the ability (for those who choose) to save most of their pay and tips, since room and meals and pretty much everything they need while onboard ship is provided at no charge.

Onboard ship, casino staff generally live two to a small cabin, and dine and relax in crew areas. (Be sure to check: one major cruise line bunks casino four and even five to a cabin on some of its ships -- not, from several first-hand accounts, a pleasant experience.)

Unlike many cruise ship employees, casino staff often are allowed to use the ship's guest recreational facilities in their spare time.

Cruise casino staff generally enter into a four-to-six month "contract" to work on a given ship, after which they take a few weeks off before entering into a new contract to work on the same or another of the cruise line's ships.

For the most part, the major cruise lines are looking to fill casino positions with men and women with casino experience. Dealers in particular are expected to have experience in dealing several table games.

Among the positions available on cruise ships are:

  • Casino managers and assistant casino managers;
  • Casino dealers (blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker);
  • Casino technicians (responsible for maintaining slot machines and other casino devices);
  • Casino cashiers;
  • Casino hosts.

Below are links to several companies that hire casino staff for cruise ships.

Carnival Corporation

Norwegian Cruise Line


try Royal Caribbean as well

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