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Nursing Jobs on Cruise Ships, Forging Good Friendships With Nurses From Around the World : ) : Casino Hotel

Nursing Jobs on Cruise Ships, Forging Good Friendships With Nurses From Around the World : )

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Nursing jobs on cruise ships – your great opportunity to work with a group of excellent nurses from all over the world!

Worldwide nurses come with all kinds of skill bases where practices may vary, and you can also learn a great deal of cultural medicine from them.

The greatest experience enjoyed by all cruise ship nurses is the joy of making many good friends that last a lifetime.

Cruise ship provides one-stop medical care and treatment center for the crew and passengers onboard. This medical center or called infirmary is running by registered nurses (RN), under the direction of the ship’s physicians.

Cruise ship nurse gave me a very good impression when I was working onboard a cruise ship, I myself found that they are very professional, courteous and helpful.

Every cruise ship nurse has good critical care experience, the ability to work independently, good assessment skills, and very good interpersonal skills as the job is very public relations oriented.

You must love to work with all kinds of cultures, languages and different medical viewpoints; because nursing jobs on cruise ships, you are actually meeting and dealing with people from all places in the world.

Passengers and the crew look up to the ship’s nurse for most of their health needs; especially with the crew who are away from home for months, you are primary care for them. You are like their friend, relative, sister, mother and nurse!

Cruise ship nurse is either hired directly by cruise line medical departments or through concessionaire companies servicing their line.

The medical center onboard is an urgent care environment where both crew members and guests are diagnosed and treated. The medical personnel encounters health care issues ranging from occupational health, primary care, and urgent emergency care.

Although most of the time the illnesses and conditions will be minor, all cruise ship nurses are trained in critical care or ambulatory nursing as they must be fully prepared for anything while cruising at sea. Nursing on cruise ships, this profession is kind of like frontier medicine.

Many cruise ship nurses do it for the experience, they like the challenge, the travel, the chance to work in an extended role. The nurse ability can think on the run and problem solving are also very important.

The medical center provides medical treatment for crew and passengers during clinic hours, and other times for emergencies and medical needs.

The physician sees those who require or request medical consultation, performs crew medical exams, orders and performs diagnostic tests, and prescribes treatments and medications.

Most cruise ships have all the medication or a legitimate substitute to be in stock, from aspirin to sophisticated equipment over 600 items onboard. Otherwise the passenger will have to buy it in port.

Cruise ship nurses are special, you will get worldwide recognition by being thanks and respect directly from the crew and passengers!

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Cruise ship jobs tender an attractive career opportunities. The nursing job on cruise ship is simply the great. They can serve for lot of people from so many regions and even those people will come to know some medicinal values of other countries from the guests in the ship.